Kater Releases Design First for 3D Sketchbook

Geoffrey Kater, author of Design First for 3D Artists, has announced the release of his second book, Design First for 3D Sketchbook. The richly illustrated tome offers hundreds of full-on designs and thumbnail sketches that serve to inspire designers, 3D artists and filmmakers.

‘Inspiration is probably the single most important thing in learning design, and nothing is better for that than pure sketching and illustration books,’ says Kater. ‘It’s the best way to provide both beginners and professionals with a variety of approaches to the same subject. For example, if you are designing a spacecraft, you have to address a variety of issues’who’s it for, what kind of environment does it fly through, what is it supposed to do? Once you settle on a certain style, then you can explore a myriad of different shapes and layouts that further refine its design and execution’.

Featuring 145 original rough sketches and 120 thumbnail sketches done in Kater’s award-winning futurist style, the book is broken into sections on vehicles, spacecraft, cars, boats, props and backgrounds. Future Design First sketchbooks will delve more into character design with contributions from several leading comic book artists, production designers and animation designers. Kater is set to begin shooting next month for an instructional DVD series that will provide a step-by-step explanation of the production process.

Kater co-founded S4 Studios in 1999 to produce animation for commercials, trailers, TV shows and feature film effects. His design work has been published in Business Week, Car Styling and Popular Hot Rodding magazines, and one of his spaceship designs currently hangs in the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. In TV, he has worked as a prop designer, production designer, 3D animator and illustrator for Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego?, The Avengers, Street Sharks and Thumb Wars.

Design First for 3D Sketchbook can be ordered through the Design First

site, www.designfirstfor3D.com, or at www.lulu.com.