Imageworks Ups Bredow to CTO

Sony Pictures Imageworks has promoted Rob Bredow to the job of chief technical officer, effective July 1.

Bredow, currently visual effects supervisor, will replace George Joblove as the company continues to restructure its management in search of stability and profitability during an extremely competitive market for VFX, reports Variety.

Executives at the company told the trade paper that their job remains to provide top-notch visual effects for Sony franchises like Spider-Man and animation production for Sony Pictures Animation ‘ all while containing costs.

“We’ve always been known as one of the very few studios who can do the impossible in vfx,” Bredow said. “We’re not changing our agenda there.”

However, as competition from smaller effects companies with lower overhead for fewer jobs heats up, keeping costs under control has become increasingly important.

One significant change is the company’s move away from a full-time production crew to hiring artists on a project-by-project basis.

Bredow says that while reining in costs has become more important, quality remains top priority.

“Our mission is not to be a huge moneymaker; our mission is to make it possible to make the best pictures possible,” Bredow said.