If You Can’t Lick ‘Em, Have Them Join You

A Norwegian hacker hero has been hired by a San Diego, California-based digital music service.

The Associated Press is reporting that Jon Lech Johansen a.k.a "DVD Jon" began work this week at MP3Tunes, the digital music service started in February by Michael Robertson.

As a teen, Johansen was arrested for developing and posting software on his website that made it possible to unlock the Content Scrambling System. CSS is the encryption technology the film industry uses to copy-protect DVDs. Such technology would make it possible for DVD pirates to make perfect copies of DVD titles and sell them on the street.

After industry complaints, Norwegian authorities charged Johansen with data break in. He was acquitted at trial. Johansen, now 21, is working on a project at MP3tunes dubbed Oboe, which, says Robertson "will bring digital music into the 21st century.”