HP Introduces Entry-Level Workstation

Budding animators or digital content creators on a budget will soon have access to HP’s new entry-level workstation featuring the new dual-core Intel Pentium D processor designed for greater performance on multi-threaded software. The HP xw4300 will be offered with 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP Professional.

With prices starting at $849, the new HP xw4300 workstation boasts increased memory support of up to 8 GB of memory capacity and up to 667 MHz of memory bandwidth, as well as integrated Serial ATA 3.0Gb/s (SATA 3.0Gb/s) RAID functionality that is more commonly found on higher-end workstation and server platforms. Also featured is a robust, 460-watt power supply to support powerful processors and graphic applications.

"The new HP xw4300 is the perfect solution for anyone who needs workstation-class graphic performance at an entry-level price," comments Jim Zafarana, VP and worldwide marketing manager for the Workstation Global Business Unit at HP. "It leverages ground-breaking technologies on a proven platform that’s reliable and easy to own."

The new Intel Pentium D processor 840 incorporates two physical processors and L2 caches into one piece of silicon, helping give a significant performance boost to multi-threaded applications for CAD/CAE design and analysis and DCC rendering software with multiple applications running at the same time. HP says customers may expect up to 20% performance gains in these application environments with the dual-core processor.

The HP xw4300 offers many of same the features found in its product family, including an ultra-quiet, tool-less chassis, PCI-Express graphics and HP’s Performance Tuning Framework, which guides the system setup, allowing a custom configuration to best match the workstation to user requirements.

More information about HP and its product line can be found at www.hp.com.