Fox Launches New FX Unit

All too often, visual effects teams work down to the wire to get their shots done in time for the movies to hit their release dates. To help remedy this problem, Twentieth Century Fox hopes to streamline the process by creating its own visual effects department, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fox’s vfx department will be overseen by Joe Hartwick, Fox’s president of physical production, and Rich Thorne will continue to serve as senior VP of visual effects.

The studio’s effects-heavy films will apparently be handled differently from now on, involving the vfx crews earlier in the process with pre-production previsualization. The new model has reportedly been employed on the upcoming CG-laden films I, Robot and Garfield: The Movie.

The move does not mean that effects will be produced in-house. Fox intends to continue working with previsualization and vfx collaborators such as Pixel Liberation Front and Pixel Magic in Los Angeles, Frantic Films in Toronto and Imagine Engine in Vancouver.