Flip Your Lid’s Wraps FoxLab Project

West Hills, Calif-based animation studio Flip Your Lid recently wrapped production on a cool new 3D logo for FoxLab, a new division of 20th Century TV headed by Daniel Tibbets.

Flip Your Lid president and creative director Jay Jacoby helped create a nostalgic 1930s black-and-white opening that would slowly transition into color. The project opens on a black-and-white rendered front view of the FoxLab architectural design, with a dramatic tilt-up point of view. Two lightning rods are designed to straddle the word Lab. A “Jacob’s Ladder” effect then animates lightning crawling up the face. As the logo continues its pullback, a pyrotechnical burst accents the end of the electricity crawl, snapping off a burst of small glow lights that cascade down the face of Lab.

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