EvolverPro Offers a Freebie

Darwin Dimensions is offering a free trial of its EvolverPro web application for creating custom 3D characters to the professional 3D community.

Visitors to the site EvolverPro.com will be able to build, design and customize one 3D character to be delivered rigged and ready to animate in the format of their choice for free from now through Aug. 17.

To claim the free trial, use the coupon code pro817 on the checkout page and press ‘add.’

EvolverPro allows users to build 3D avatar from either a library of characteristics or by uploading photos to generate clones. EvolverPro then allows users to blend facial and body shapes, skin tones, makeup options, eye colors, clothing styles and other custom features. The final model is exported to one of several formats and the custom rig is deliverd to the customer in about three minutes. The final rig is royalty free and users are free to re-sell their designs.

‘EvolverPro’s ability to deliver fully customized, high quality 3D avatars that can immediately work with existing animation assets is completely unprecedented, and the very low pricing of $39 gives access to a diverse group including professionals, students, faculty and the hobbyist community,’ said Brian Nilles, CEO of Darwin Dimensions.

EvolverPro models are priced at $39 for each 3D character design. For $69, users can add facial animation controls with 24 bones or 77 blendshapes.

For more information visit www.evolverpro.com.