DreamWorks Uses Cerelink’s Elastic Cloud Computing

New Mexico-based Cerelink Inc. has agreed to provide on-demand ‘elastic cloud computing’ to DreamWorks Animation for use in rendering it CG featur films.

The multi-year deal has Cerelink deploying a significant number of computer servers to meet the studio’s demand for high-quality image rendering.

“We forecast growing our technical capacity by 20 times by the end of 2011 ‘ this will create one of the largest cloud computing arrays for motion picture production in the world,” said James Ellington, CEO of Cerelink.

A release from the company says ‘elastic cloud computing allows clients to dynamically adjust technical capacity to meet real-time business needs. In effect, this allows companies to only use the number of computers they need exactly when they need them.’

The company’s location also is a benefit as it allows production companies to take advantage of New Mexico’s film production rebates and incentives.

Cloud computing is a highly saleable and often virtualized set of computers clients access over ultra-high speed broadband networks. Cerelink’s elastic cloud computing model was used to help render Shrek Forever After and How to Train Your Dragon.