Double Negative Buys Nuke Site License

London-based visual effects facility Double Negative has bought a site license for The Foundry’s popular compositing application Nuke, extending the two companies’ long relationship.

Double Negative, with 800 staff members, is the largest visual effects provider in Europe. It has earned two Visual Effects Society Awards for its work on The Dark Knight and Sherlock Holmes, and is currently working on John Carter of Mars, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Captain America.

‘Nuke has continued to consolidate its position as the dominant software on the market for high-end compositing,’ says Matt Holben, CEO of Double Negative. ‘The freelance pool of artists with Nuke experience has grown significantly and The Foundry’s on-going commitment to invest in research and development is impressive. These factors have led us to commit to Nuke for the future.’

Double Negative also recently invested in Mari, The Foundry’s new 3D texture painting application.