Discreet Ignites IBM Linux Workstations with flint

Discreet, a division of Autodesk Inc., today announced that its flint visual effects system will soon be available on the Intel-based IBM IntelliStation Z Pro workstation running Linux. The flint system is designed to provide broadcasters and post-production companies with a cost-effective, high-performance system for interactive motion graphics and visual effects design.

“In the increasingly competitive digital broadcast and cable landscape, Discreet’s flint 8.5 system is a potent visual design solution for broadcasters looking to differentiate their programming and attract wider audiences by creating high-value content,” says Martin Vann, VP of sales and marketing for Discreet. “Discreet’s flint system offers the unique ability to create no-compromise graphics and visual effects quickly and economically while providing broadcasters a robust and stable production platform that can integrate rapidly and efficiently into any facility.”

The flint 8.5 system’s innovative creative tools are based on Discreet’s Academy Award-winning flame and inferno visual effects systems. Those tools include sophisticated paint, text, audio, compositing, warping, morphing and motion graphics capabilities; Action, Discreet’s renowned interactive 3D graphics design and compositing environment; Batch and Schematic views for building and visualizing complex multi-layered composites; Color Warper interactive primary and secondary color correction; Discreet’s Tracker, Keyer and Master Keyer; and GMask advanced rotoscoping and vector shape technology.

Designed for data-centric workflows, the flint real-time SD system is compatible with Discreet’s flame, inferno, smoke and fire real-time HD systems, backdraft media management and background I/O systems and combustion and 3ds max software solutions. The flint system also supports Discreet’s burn Linux-based network rendering solution, enabling artists to continue creating while effects are being rendered in the background.

Discreet’s flint 8.5 system for Intel-based IBM workstations running Linux is currently in beta and is expected to ship in July 2004. The company is introducing a turnkey solution with standard definition video I/O with a special NAB offer of $99,990 that is valid through June 30, 2004 (North American pricing only; worldwide pricing will vary). Following this offer, North American pricing will typically start at $119,990. Also, a turnkey Discreet flint system for Intel-based IBM workstations running Linux and a companion license for Discreet’s smoke system for Intel-based IBM workstations running Linux are available as a bundle for $109,990 until June 30, 2004.