DAZ|Mimic 2 Pro for LightWave Hits the Market

Top digital content creator DAZ Productions has released a new lip-sync application for use in Newtek’s LightWave 3D software package. DAZ|Mimic for LightWave provides a way for animators to record speech and then have their digital characters reproduce this speech with the necessary facial expressions and mouth shapes to create a convincing 3D talking character.

“Mimic 2 automates just enough of our speech animation to save us several hours worth of work a day but still allows us to tweak and play with things until they look just right,” says James Edwards, lead animator for Digital Extremes. “It’s the perfect blend of automated facial animation and artist control. I’m ecstatic about the results.”

DAZ|Mimic 2 Pro for Lightwave provides an advanced environment for easily creating and editing facial animation sequences. By creating the facial animation at the touch of a button, Mimic’s TalkbackTM engine saves animators hours of production time, allowing them to focus on other areas of their animation projects. Animators can record their own voices within Mimic’s simple recording studio via a microphone or use existing WAV audio files of any language. With the ability to add expressions such as winks, nods and smiles, 3D figures can easily become as expressive as the imagination allows.

DAZ|Mimic 2 Pro for Lightwave is available for purchase and immediate download in the DAZ3D online store with an introductory special of 35% off the retail price (Reg. $299.95). For more information, visit www.daz3d.com/Mimic.