Curious Labs, e-on software Bundle Poser 4 and Vue d’Esprit 4

Curious Labs, makers of the human animation product Poser, and e-on software,

makers of the cross-platform Vue d’Esprit, 4 announced their plans to continue

future development for technology cooperation between the two software products.

Vue d’Esprit 4 is e-on software’s solution for 3D natural scenery rendering and animation. Features include realistic vegetation, powerful volumetric lights and atmospheres, stellar objects, glowing materials and a faster renderer. Users can create terrains in real-time with its Solid3D terrain modeler and populate that world with Poser 4 people.

Vue d’Esprit 4 comes with 2 CDs featuring 30 SolidGrowth trees and plants, more than 100 atmospheres, 100 different types of clouds, 300 materials, 250 fully textured 3D objects, 50 example scenes and a 360-page manual.

Vue 4 by itself costs $199. To celebrate the plans for continued partnership, both companies will market a bundle offer of Vue 4 and Poser 4 for the special price of $320.

Mover 4 for Windows and Mac OS X expands on the already powerful animation in

Vue d’Esprit 4, allowing for inclusion of fully animated digital characters,

enhanced, new motion effects, and network rendering. Mover 4 is available for

$99 and requires Poser 4 for Poser animation import and use of Poser models.