Cecropia Opens Orlando Toon Studio

Another independent toon studio has risen from the ashes of Walt Disney Feature Animation, Orlando. Cecropia Inc, an entertainment company dedicated to introducing a new form of interactive storytelling, today announced the opening of its animation and production studio in Orlando, Florida. Staffed with animation industry veterans, including Walt Disney Feature Animation alumni, the studio will create the artwork and animation for the company’s interactive films, the first of which will be completed and released in 2005.

In addition to the former Disney talent, the studio has acquired artists who previously worked on projects for Blue Sky, Pixar and DreamWorks. The creative staff will work in collaboration with Cecropia’s gaming veterans and engineers, located in the company’s Boston headquarters.

“We are proud to open our Orlando studio and provide a new creative home for some of the world’s most talented and experienced artists and animators,” says Ann-Marie Bland, president and chief exec officer of Cecropia. “The new studio has been created to provide our team with the environment, workspace and tools they need to bring our vision to life.”

“The work being done at Cecropia, which combines traditional hand-drawn animation with interactive storytelling, is unlike anything I have previously been involved with," adds Jackie Shadrake, production manager for Cecropia. "It is a great benefit to be able to directly draw on the talent and experience of the best artists and animators in the industry.”

Cecropia’s 4,300 square-foot Orlando facility in the Westwood Corporate Center is home to 20 animators, assistant animators, story writers, layout artists and production management. The company plans to continue expanding the Orlando studio by adding 10 additional employees by the end of the year.