BOXX Unveils Realtime HD Editing System

BOXX Technologies introduced at NAB the HD [pro] RT, a software-based, real-time high-definition nonlinear editing system featuring CineForm Prospect HD running in Adobe Premiere Pro on the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Todd Bryant, CTO of BOXX Technologies, comments, "The powerful combination of BOXX system technology combined with the revolutionary nonlinear editing capabilities of CineForm Prospect HD and Adobe Premiere Pro running on Microsoft Windows XP makes editing HD an extremely affordable reality for anyone working with HD footage."

BOXX HD [pro] RT employs CineForm Prospect HD, which replaces the existing video engine within Adobe Premiere Pro to deliver real-time multi-stream processing of high-definition video within Premiere Pro. Tailored for the media professional, it can process three 1080p24 streams simultaneously in real time and offers color correction on each stream, effects processing, transitions, titles and graphic overlays with motion. A 10-bit online workflow is supported, always working with full-resolution source material, and intermediate proxy files are never created. HD [pro] RT with Prospect HD supports a HD-SDI input and output interface for realtime capturing of high-definition video and simultaneous monitoring of the timeline in YUV color space.

Key features include 8-bit and 10-bit uncompressed HD input and output 4:2:2 (YCbCr), HDV input and output over 1394 Firewire, multi-format capture/edit/playback, realtime HD editing, a realtime interactive timeline, direct export to Windows Media High-Definition Video (WMV HD), multi-channel audio editing and mixing and realtime titles, effects, color correction, transitions, overlays with motion and picture-in-picture. To see a full list of features, visit

HD [pro] RT is now shipping, with pricing starting at $22,995.