BOXX Bows Maya-Equipped Workstations

BOXX Technologies has entered an agreement with Alias to offer Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited 3D modeling, animation, effects and rendering software with its series of award-winning workstations.

Reese Gautschi, director of marketing at BOXX, comments, "BOXX workstations are built from the ground-up to deliver application-tuned performance, upgradeability and reliability that creative professionals demand for popular 3D design and animation programs like Maya. Now our customers can quickly enhance their workstation by adding the robust features of Maya–delivered pre-configured and pre-optimized by BOXX."

BOXX workstations are optimized for media creation applications. Available in single-or dual-processor configurations featuring the latest processors from AMD (Athlon and Opteron) and Intel (Pentium 4 and Xeon), BOXX workstations also support popular software from Adobe, Autodesk, Discreet, Newtek and Softimage. The BOXX product line also offers the capacity for massive internal storage expansion with assemblies that allow for six, eight or 12 hard drives for up to 3.6TB of internal storage.

Maya Complete is priced at $1,999 and Maya Unlimited is offered at $6,999. Both are currently available for purchase with any BOXX workstation (U.S. only).