Bauhaus’s Mirage Goes Guerilla at SIGGRAPH

Bauhaus Software Inc. will let SIGGRAPH attendees get their hands on its real-time video paint, animation and effects system, Mirage, as part of the Guerilla Studio, an integrated network of machines serving as a computer graphics laboratory.

The Guerilla Studio will feature high-end computer workstations, a multitude of 2D and 3D design software and print technologies. Artists, scientists and engineers can walk in, create, and realize their creations right in the lab. Mirage will be installed on both Windows and OS X platforms in the Studio.

“Studio participants will be able to test drive Mirage and really put it through its paces as part of an animation pipeline,” says Bauhaus president Paul Ford. “2D animators will gain a better understanding of the grace, versatility and power of using Mirage to create any style of animation.”

The Mirage production environment provides a diverse toolset for animated graphics, 2D animation and special effects creation. Animators working in 2D use Mirage as a unified paint and effects solution that allows them to sidestep traditional scan/ink/paint workflows and move directly from digital pencil tests to editing. For visual effects artists, the software promises speed and ease in the creation, animation and compositing of motion graphics.

Bauhaus Software will also demonstrate Mirage at its booth (No. 2217) during SIGGRAPH, which will be held in Los Angeles Aug. 8-12. For more information on Mirage and other Bauhaus software products, go to