Bauhaus Pre-Releases Mirage for Mac OS X

The Mirage for Mac OS X pre-release is now available from Bauhaus Software Inc. This is the first Mac platform release of the company’s unified environment for animated graphics and special effects creation, which integrates real-time video paint, animation and effects functionalities into a single product.

Mirage combines tools such as animated paint, natural-media drawing tools, volumetric lights, particles, keying, color correction and pixel tracking. Designed for resolutions ranging from HDTV and film to web video, the package is described as a creative solution for 2D animators, broadcasters and video professionals.

According to Bauhaus president Paul Ford, Mirage is also "a perfect complement to Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Shake products, providing a seamless pipeline for professional video and film production.”

Bauhaus’ Mirage for OS X pre-release is available immediately to customers for an introductory price of $395 directly from Bauhaus Software or through the company’s authorized reseller channel. The final release version will be provided free of charge to all pre-release customers. Mirage for OS X pre-release requires a G3 or higher processor, and Mac OS X v10.2.6 or higher. A demonstration version is currently available through the Bauhaus Software web site at