Autodesk’s Inferno Blazes for Linux

Autodesk Inc. has announced the launch of its Academy Award-winning Discreet Inferno visual effects system for the Linux operating system. Designed to enable digital artists in broadcast facilities, post-production houses and film studios to deliver top-quality moving imagery, Inferno boasts a robust creative toolset for high-speed compositing and advanced graphics. The system is also renowned for its interactivity, allowing digital artists to explore visual concepts with their clients in real time.

“With the Discreet Inferno system’s rich toolset on a high-powered, multi-core Linux workstation, users will benefit from even faster processing speeds and greater interactivity,’ says Martin Vann, VP of Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment Division. ‘For customers who create demanding visual effects with multiple layers and heavy data sets, the Discreet Inferno system on the Linux workstation can offer up to five times the performance (per CPU) of previous SGI platforms such as the Onyx 2.”

Inferno has been uses extensively in such blockbuster feature films and television productions as Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as numerous Super Bowl commercials and television channel branding packages.

After successfully debuting a Linux-based configuration of Inferno 6.5 exclusively for the Japanese market, Autodesk is expanding the offering worldwide on IBM dual-core AMD workstations, which will begin shipping this month. The Discreet Inferno system is already available on the IRIX operating system. Inferno for Linux-based workstations will be available in addition to the currently shipping version of Discreet Inferno on the SGI Onyx 350 Visualization System. Additional information on Autodesk Discreet systems can be found at For information on configurations and pricing, contact Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment Division at 800-869-3504.