ATI, Avid Bundle Hardware, Software

ATI Technologies Inc. has joined forces with Avid Technology Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Softimage Co., to provide 3D artists and students with a complete graphics hardware and software solution. The companies are now offering SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation software with the FireGL T2-128 AGP 8X workstation graphics accelerator in a single package for $599.

Certified for SOFTIMAGE|XSI software and all leading industry applications, the FireGL T2-128 is a entry-level workstation graphics accelerator which, according to ATI, boasts all the functionality of more expensive models. It features 128MB of unified graphics memory and dual display support through DVI-I and VGA connectors.

Designed for individual 3D professionals, SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation software includes extensive polygon modeling tools, Subdivision Surfaces and a nonlinear animation and interactive rendering toolset.

The SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation and FireGL T2-128 bundle for AGP-based desktop systems is available online at and For more information about ATI’s FireGL product line, go to