Animo Inks with Plastic Animation Paper

The forthcoming version 6.0 of Cambridge Animation Systems’ Animo software will feature compatibility with Plastic Animation Paper (PAP), the tablet-based animation application from Krogh Mortensen Animation (KMA) of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Animo 6.0 will allow PAP animations to be included in Animo through two different methods. A PAP file can be automatically converted into an Animo level file, which can then be processed, painted and composited just like a traditional scanned level. PAP files can also be brought directly into Director (Animo’s graph-based compositor) using the new PAP Node, where they can be re-timed, re-colored and have special effects applied.

“The partnership with PAP meets a long-standing desire to give Animo users an alternative to the traditional pencil, paper and scanner,” says Naomi English, global sales manager at Cambridge Animation Systems. “PAP gives wonderfully clean, accurate drawings which feed perfectly into Animo’s ink-and-paint and compositing workflow.”

Animo 6.0 entered the final stages of development and testing in February 2004 and is scheduled for release in spring 2004. Animo is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and is used by leading studios worldwide including Nelvana, Production IG, Toonz India, Spider Eye, Yoram Gross, Dicell, UTV Toons, Telemagination, PASI, Colorland and Vietnam Film Company.