Zoé Kézako Leaps from Books To MIP-TV

An animated series based on Véronique Saüquère’s Zoé Kézako series of books will debut at MIP-TV. A co-production of TF1 and Sparkling*, the series has been previewed in pilot form at Cannes and Annecy. The first episode is due for delivery this month, in time for the major TV market event in Cannes.

Zoé Kézako centers on a seven-year-old girl, her little brother, Titi, and her friends Mariponpon, Lola, Super Show-Off, Tony Dingo, Melina and Jeny. Zoé speaks her mind about things other people think are unimportant and discovers how to transform the negative into the positive.

The 26×13 show is being key frame computer animated by French studio Sparx. The CG is given a 2D rendering to keep the look faithful to Saüquère’s original drawings. Saüquère is writing for the series, which is being helmed by Sparx director Serge Elissalde.