Yin Yang Yo! Premiere Sets Jetix Records

Monday’s pimetime debut of Yin Yang Yo! on Toon Disney was Jetix’s most-watched original animated series premiere ever, setting records in its regular time period by attracting a total of 491,000 viewers, according to Neilson ratings. The premiere was followed by the Yin Yang Yoverthrow Labor day marathon, which pulled in a total of 3.7 million viewers.

Aimed at kids 6-11, Yin Yang Yo! follows the comedic adventures polar opposite twin rabbits named Yin and Yang, who must put their differences aside as they train to become Woo Foo Knights and prevent Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard from plunging the world into eternal darkness. Helping them along the way is Master Yo, a grumpy, old panda bear tasked with the chore of turning these rambunctious bunnies into fierce warriors.

Yin Yang Yo! is created, directed and exec produced by Fairly OddParents producer Bob Boyle. Comedian and veteran animation scribe Steve Marmel (Johnny Bravo, The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom) is the head writer and co-exec producer. Animation is completed at George Elliot Animation in Canada, with a small team of Flash animators also working at Disney’s campus in Burbank, Calif.

In addition to generating triple to quintuple ratings growth for the time slot over last year, Yin Yang Yo! proved a popular destination for kids online as well. The show’s official site, rabbittakeover.com, and its dedicated page at jetix.tv began offering episodes last month and has logged 1.2 million downloads. Combined, the two sites have seen four million visits from Yin Yang Yo! fans.