Will and Grace Star Options Pooch Caf’

Paul Gilligan’s Pooch Café may be the next comic strip to make it big on TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the property has been optioned by Hazy Mills Prods., the NBC-based shingle of Will and Grace star Sean Hayes and partner Todd Milliner.

The Pooch Café strip revolves around a popular canine hangout frequented by the likes of Poncho, a cheese-loving, squirrel-fearing, break-dancing toilet water-drinking mutt. Poncho and his wacky, four-legged friends gather to compare notes on such topics as how to avoid baths and toilet breath. The comic is distributed by Universal Press Syndicate to more than 150 newspapers worldwide.

Hayes and Milliner plan to develop Pooch Café as a half-hour animated series and will likely give NBC the first crack at it. NBC may still be looking for an irreverent primetime toon series since its expensive, DreamWorks-produced Father of the Pride has disappeared from the schedule.

Co-producing with Hazy Mills are John Glynn, editor of the comic strip, and Bridget McMeel. Both Glynn and McMeel operate under AMUSE, a division of Universal Press Syndicate.