WGA: Homer’s Still Got It

It began as a tentative 13-episode pick-up in the late 1980s when the Fox network was a borderline joke and the notion of a primetime animated series was scoffed at by execs at the big three as a nutty notion that only an Aussie megalomaniac could back. Look who’s laughing now. Fourteen-and-a-half seasons later, Matt Groening’s The Simpsons is one of the most successful TV series ever, animated or live-action. Its creator, producers and stars have all become very rich off the hideous-looking and highly dysfunctional Springfield five.

So it is that the WGA has once again nominated the series for some major 2004 WGA Awards. Along with NBC’s Law & Order franchise, The Simpsons snagged three nominations for the 56th annual WGA Awards, while Fox’s live-action Malcolm in the Middle grabbed two.

The Simpsons noms were for the writing on three epsiodes: Matt Selman’s The Dad Who Knew Too Little, J. Stewart Burns’ Moe Baby Blues and Michael Price’s My Mother the Carjacker. Also singled out in the animation category are Tony Gama-Lobo and Rebecca May for the Reborn to be Wild episode of the Fox series King of the Hill, Steven Banks for the Rescue Jet Fusion episode of Nickelodeon’s The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and Patric Verrone for The Sting episode of Futurama.

WGA winners will be announced Feb. 21 as the WGA West holds its ceremonies at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City and the WGA East doles out honors at the Pierre Hotel in New York.