Weird Al’s Ringtones Toon Debuts

The talented animation crew at SuperNews! recently teamed up with master of song parodies, Weird Al Yankovic, to create the animation for his clever new video Ringtone.

Yankovic premiered his music video last Friday during the SuperNews! Weird Al Yankovic Collabo-Jam Super Special on Current TV. A fan of SuperNews!, Weird Al personally asked the show’s team to create the animated video. Yankovic, who is a big supporter of animation, has also collaborated with Bill Plympton, John Kricfalusi and the producers of Robot Chicken in the past. Plympton’s video for Don’t Download This Song was nominated for an Annie for Best Short in 2006.

The weekly half-hour Flash-animated series SuperNews! launched on Current TV this past spring. The Hollywood-based show is created by Josh Faure-Brac and Steven Olson, who gave us viral hits such as as ‘Hipsters In Space,’ ‘Texting Your Way to Love,’ ‘The Hills: Post Apocalypse,’ ‘Gates vs. Jobs’ and ‘The Great Immigration Debate of 1621.’

You can check out the Weird Al video here:

You can check out the half-hour special about the making of the video here: