VIZ’s Monster to Terrorize Syfy

Naoki Urasawa’s animated series Monster is set to air on SyFy’s Ani-Mondays block this October. Based on the popular manga by Urasawa, Monster is a psychological suspense thriller about a cruel serial killer and Dr. Kenzo Tenma, the only man who can stop him. Conspiracies, serial murders, and secret government experiments set against the grim backdrop of the formerly communist Eastern Europe are masterfully woven together in this compelling work of suspense.

Animated by Madhouse, the series originally ran in Japan from April 2005 thru September 2005. The stylish show is directed by Masayuki Kojima and written by Tatsuhiko Urahata. A live-action feature based on the property is also in development. Writer Josh Olson (A History of Violence and Halo) is attached to the New Line movie.

SyFy’s sister channel Chiller will also repeat the show after its first airing. For more information visit