UPN Meets The Breaknecks

The UPN network announced its pilots last week and among them is a primetime CG project titled Meet the Breaknecks. The series is being exec. produced by Carsey Warner Mendabach and animated by DKP Effects in Canada.

Originally titled Game Over, Meet the Beaknecks was created by David Sacks, David Goetsch, Jason Venokuris and Ross Venokur. The story follows a set of parents trying to raise a family while meeting the demands of being video game characters.

DKP is blending keyframe and motion capture animation using Maya on PCs running both windows and Linux. Motion libraries are being utilized extensively. The studio says one of the biggest challenges is marrying the world of action-oriented video game animation with storytelling and classic character animation. DKP also designed the characters, which are described as being “reminiscent of iconic video game play.”

The pilot for Meet the Breaknecks is slated for completion by the end of April.