Universal Scaring Up Business with Boo!

Universal International Television is offering MIPTV buyers all-new episodes of the animated children’s series Boo! A slate of 52 10-minute episodes have gone into production, bringing the series total to 104 installments. In addition, the property’s first half-hour Christmas special has been completed and is available for worldwide distribution.

Produced by Tell-Tale Prods., Boo! premiered in June 2003 on the U.K.’s BBC2 and now airs on Cbeebies. It has also been licensed to more than 25 territories, including France, Germany, Australia, Canada and parts of Asia and Latin America.

Each episode of Boo! Allows the audience to participate with what’s happening on screen. After finding Boo, young viewers can engage in a game or activity that revolves around Boo’s location. Accompanying Boo on his adventures around the world are Laughing Duck, Growling Tiger and Sleeping Bear. The series was created by Will Brenton and Lain Lauchlan, the creators of Tweenies.