TV-Loonland to Distribute WordWorld

Munich and London-based media company TV-Loonland will begin distributing the acclaimed preschool series WordWorld at this year’s MIPCOM market in France in October. The show will be available as a 74 x 11 series, 8 music clips and 52 Build-a-Word Songs. TV-Loonland, which also distributes animated shows such as Raymond, Leon, Little Princess and Pat and Stan will handle TV, home entertainment and new media rights for Western and Eastern Europe including Russia, Africa and South Africa and Israel.

Created by visual artist Don Moody, the Emmy-winning WordWorld helps children learn English using unique characters and storytelling! Each episode is a fun narrative built around a wacky troupe of WordFriends who are made up of the letters that spell their names. The WordFriends (Dog, Duck, Ant, Bear, Frog, Sheep and Pig) help each other solve everyday challenges with the power of words. Preschoolers are invited to join the WordFriends on comical adventures, where problems are resolved by WordBuilding.

‘We are very proud to have secured the distribution rights for this outstanding property,’ says Olivier Dumont, TV-Loonland’s managing director. ‘This is both an innovative and highly qualitative show that brilliantly combines learning, humor and kid-relevant themes so that each one is more than just a lesson.’

‘We are delighted to expand the show’s viewership across the globe with TV-Loonland as a key partner,’ says Moody.

WordWorld first premiered on PBS Kids in September 2007. Since then it has expanded globally and is now airing in 22 countries, reaching more than 9 million viewers worldwide. The show has been adapted into French and Cantonese and has generated a consumer product license program with strong support across U.S. mass retailers such as Target and Toys R Us. The series has a popular interactive website as well. For more info, visit