TV-Loonland Plays with Nippon’s Penelope

TV-Loonland has announced that it will be handling multi-territory distribution for Nippon Animation’s hot pre-school show Penelope today.

Based on the children’s book series written by Anne Gutman and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben, this (26 x 5) CG-animated production is co-produced by Nippon Animation, NHK Enterprises and Shirogumi Inc. The series centers on the inquisitive Penelope and illustrates the positive little stories about everyday life with her family and friends. The show was named Best Animated Series for Young Children at this year’s Annecy Festival in France.

‘We are very pleased and honoured about Nippon Animation appointing us for distribution of Penelope,’ notes Olivier Dumont, TV-Loonland’s managing director. ‘Supported by its strong publishing heritage and a true ratings and L&M success in Japan, the property is ready to conquer the rest of the world.’

Under the new agreement, TV-Loonland will handle rights for TV, home video, VOD, broadband, IPTV and mobile sales to Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, Baltic States, Scandinavia, Israel, the Middle East and Africa.