TV-Loonland Forges Metalheads

Production has begun on TV-Loonland’s latest animation show, Metalheads, an off-the-wall comedy adventure for kids 6 to 11. The 26×11 co-production with ZDF, in conjunction with CBBC, is being produced by TV-Loonland’s UK-based animation studio Telemagination for a summer 2003 delivery.

Described as equal parts Monty Python and A Knight’s Tale, Metalheads takes viewers back to the Middle Ages and follows a motley crew of five kids in their enthusiastic quest to become knights.

The series is being directed by Chris Hermans, who helmed the Rugrats and Rocketpower series for Nickelodeon. Mike Ryan will serve as story editor/writer. His credits include Cow and Chicken, Johnny Bravo and Powerpuff Girls, all for Cartoon Network.

TV-Loonland holds the worldwide rights to Metalheads, excluding television for German-speaking Europe.