Titans Clash at MIPCOM

The MIPCOM buzz reaches mythological proportions as Studio B Prods. announces that it has struck a development deal with Canadian broadcaster TELETOON of an animated show titled Class of the Titans. An original Studio B property, the 26×22 action/comedy series will be produced in 2D and is aimed kids 8—12.

With a title derived from the Ray Harryhausen mythological epic Clash of the Titans, Class of the Titans springs the lock on a legion of mythical monsters and forces Zeus to train the modern day descendents of the Greek heroes.

Founded 15 years ago, Studio B has produced more than 150 half hours of animation airing around the world. The studio is currently in production on 26 all-new episodes of the award-winning original property Yvon of the Yukon for broadcast on YTV and BBC; 52×11 episodes of the international co-production Yakkity Yak with Kapow Pictures, Nickelodeon Australia, MTV Networks Int’l and TELETOON; and 26×22 episodes of the original series Being Ian for broadcast in 2004 on YTV.