The Wumblers Wumbles to MIPCOM

Many of the folks who brought you Barney, The Puzzle Place, Teletubbies and Sesame Street are out to hatch another prescehool phenomenon. The Silly Goose Company LLC’s new TV property, The Wumblers, will be screened for broadcasters at this year’s MIPCOM, scheduled for October 10, 2003 in Cannes, France.

Silly Goose has recently partnered with experienced kid TV producer Peak Entertainment Holdings Inc. to spearhead the development, production, marketing and funding of the series, which will be available at the Peak Entertainment booth. The companies say as many as 52 10-minute episodes will be ready to air in fall 2004.

Animated in 2D, The Wumblers follows the adventures of Bertrum, a young Wumbler, and Raimundo, a Spanish-speaking snail. Bertrum has a wide array of imaginary best friends who pop out of mirrors, ponds and even toasters to advise and tempt him on various crucial issues. Raimundo, serves as his conscience, mentor and all-around best pal. The stories embody the basic principles of mutual respect, fairness and acceptance.

The Silly Goose Company LLC was founded in 2001 by long-time preschool teacher and mother of four Laura J. Wellington, creator of The Wumblers. The property is the company’s debut children’s television offering.