Teletoon Canada Slate Flirts with Live Action

Cable broadcaster Teletoon Canada announced a new original production slate that mixes live-action programming in with its traditional cartoon content.

Five new series were greenlit for production, with five more announced as in development.

The slate of new shows, set to start airing in the fall, are described the network as follows:

Crash Canyon (Breakthrough Films & Television, 18 x 30 min.): When the Wendell family leaves for a vacation in their camper trailer, only one thing can happen: disaster. Motoring between tourist attractions, scenic vistas and the occasional point of interest, the trip turns to catastrophe when the family vehicle goes off a cliff. As the Wendells stumble out, they realize that not only are they alive, but also that they are not alone as the same fate has befallen several others before them, forming a community known only as Crash Canyon. This comedy series is produced by Breakthrough’s Ira Levy, Peter Williamson and Executive Producer Joan Lambur with Joel Cohen (Co-Executive Producer, The Simpsons).

Detentionaire (Nelvana, 14 x 30 min.): Lee Ping is about to start grade 10 ‘ the best year of his life ‘ when he is blamed for pulling off an epic, mind-blowing practical joke and sentenced to spend the rest of the school year in detention. It’s goodbye freedom, goodbye girls and hello worst year of his life. Detentionaire follows Lee in his attempts to uncover the mystery behind the practical joke and clear his name. Detentionaire is created by Daniel Bryan Franklin & Charles Johnston, produced by Tracey Dodokin and executive produced by Doug Murphy.

GeoFreakZ (CCI Entertainment, 22 x 90 sec.): GeoFreakZ is an integrated social, web and TV experience combining the treasure-hunting family sport of geocaching, the social network potential of the web and the storytelling power of television. In this multi-platform futuristic world, treasure hunting-teenage mutant alien FreakZ Pipes, Squizz, Freakachu, Mona and M-Flip are just trying to have fun, hang out and save the Virtual Universe from complete destruction. This innovative series bridging the gap between traditional television and interactive entertainment is executive produced by Arnie Zipursky and Charles Falzon and produced by Kristine Klohk and Chris Gudgeon.

Mudpit (Cookie Jar Entertainment, 13 x 30 min.): This live-action and animated comedy series tells the story of four teens who form a virtual rock band in hopes of becoming real rock stars. Using a new high-tech videogame called Muzika, ubergamer Reese and alterna-girl Geneva create avatars to rock the online world for a chance to win a recording contract and world tour. Produced by Michael Hirsh, Toper Taylor, Bruce Kalish, Jamie Waese, and Jeff Biederman.

My Babysitter’s A Vampire (Fresh TV Inc., 13 x 30 min.): Based on the Teletoon movie of the same name, My Babysitter’s A Vampire is a live-action series featuring the adventures of sci-fi geek Ethan, his best pal Benny and their recent vampire recruit, Rory. With the help of Ethan’s smokin’ hot babysitter Sarah, the teens must defend their town against an avalanche of scary supernatural phenomena. Executive Producers are Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch, Brian Irving and George Elliott; Associate Producer Robin McLeod and Producer Manny Danelon.

The titles in development are: Quasitoon Tim (Sardine Productions), Artificial Idol (DHX Media), Gofers (Neptoon Studios), Sherlock Legacy (Bejuba) and the older-skewing Senior Years (Fresh TV Inc.).

‘As a proud supporter of Canada’s animation and kids television industry, we’re very excited to present our upcoming production lineup,’ said Carole Bonneau, VP of programming. ‘The latest slate continues to harvest successful homegrown animation productions, all the while taking advantage of new opportunities including Teletoon’s foray into live-action with My Babysitter’s a Vampire and our 360-degree application to the new series GeoFreakZ.’