Tech TV Unleashes More Anime

Growing cable newcomer Tech TV informs us that it has just signed deals to add two new series to its late-night Anime Unleashed block.Banner of the Stars will premier on Tuesday, Nov. 4 at 1:00 a.m. EST, while a premiere date for Geneshaft will likely fall in March.

A sequel to Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars picks up where its predecessor left off, just as the war between the Mankind and the Abh Empire kicks into high gear. Caught in the midst of this struggle is Jinto Lin, a young Mankind inhabitant of the planet Martine who was sent to study Abh language and culture in order to become a diplomat and nobleman. Having fallen in love with the Abh Princess Lafiel, Jinto and his newfound love represent the only possible hope for a peaceful settlement to this raging war.

Geneshaft takes place in a future where the human race is a dying breed, desperate to keep its waning civilization intact. As a final act of self-preservation, scientists create a genetic engineering program designed to produce a new breed of humans with special abilities. While the experiment was a success, the newly flourishing human race is again threatened by a mysterious artifact appears between the Earth and moon. Now it’s up to a team of genetically enhanced humans and specially designed spacecraft to investigate the potentially destructive force and protect the planet.

  • Rob C.

    Great Anime. Thank god Tech TV brought to the airways in the United States. Channel still sorely missed.