Tech TV Unleashes Anime

While channel surfing, you may have come across a cable network known as Tech TV and dismissed it as programming for gearheads and pencil necks with pocket protectors. But with a growing list of cool shows including the original marionette classic Thunderbirds, the CG shorts showcase Eye Drops and the new Anime Unleashed, the cabler is emerging as an enticing destination for animation fans.

Airing Monday through Thursday at 1 a.m. (ET), Friday at 11 p.m. and throughout the afternoon on Saturday, Anime Unleashed premiered on Dec. 30 with the epic space opera Crest of the Stars. The series follows a youth named Jinto Lin, whose life changes forever the day an alien race invades his home planet of Martine.

Upcoming series include Serial Experiments Lain, which premieres Jan. 20, Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure, Betterman and Silent Mobius. More information on these shows can be found at