‘Supernoobs’ Coming to Teletoon, Cartoon Network


DHX Media has gone into production on a brand-new 2D animated kids’ comedy titles Supernoobs, commissioned by Teletoon Canada and acquired by Cartoon Network U.S. Aimed at kids 6-11 and produced in DHX’s Vancouver studio, the show is created by Scott Fellows (Johnny Test). DHX holds TV, licensing and merchandising rights globally with the exclusion of initial Canadian and U.S. broadcast rights, held by Teletoon and Cartoon Network, respectively.

The Super-Tastic-Supernoobs sees the collision of the evils of the universe with the evils of adolescence, as 12-year-old, nerdy best friends Kevin, Tyler, Shope and the Roach not only have to contend with the harrowing halls of their middle school, but must survive microcosmic assassins infecting earthlings bent on destroying them and the entire world.



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  • ImperialFists

    at least the art looks better than Johnny Test

    • Follower of Aleksism

      Too bad the show is trash.

      • ImperialFists

        not really
        it is a MAJOR improvement over Johnny Test

  • Graham Finch

    Dear DHX…
    Please close your doors. Thank you.

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  • PNutButty

    I’m starting to think Canada has better cartoons

  • Jose

    This better not be another Johnny Test. I don’t like this.

    • Follower of Aleksism

      It’s another Johnny Test.

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  • Supernoob hater

    This show isn’t good. its really just about these 4 dummies who get little Toys from dumb aliens that give them superpowers. The word noob Means a person who doesn’t know how to a specific game. usually on the internet. They use the word as if it means losers. Besides, In the theme song it says that they don’t know how to control there powers, 7 episodes later there using ‘em like a boss. In conclusion it is a BIG fail.