Studio B’s Being Ian Gets Season 2 Pickup

Although the series hasn’t made the big trek to American television yet, Studio B’s inventive Being Ian has been picked up for a second season in Canada. Created by Ian Corlett and designed by toon veteran Marv Newland (Bambi Meets Godzilla), the series incorporates Flash animation with 3D Maya sequences, stop-motion and live-action footage to illustrate the vivid fantasy world of its lead character, a young movie auteur-in-training.

"We are ecstatic with this new order, which brings the total to 52 episodes," says exec producer and Studio B partner Blair Peters. "We are having a blast making this show that tells funny stories that both kids and their parents can relate to. YTV’s support of the series has been fantastic."

Being Ian airs on Canada’s YTV on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. and repeats on Sundays at noon. The Vancouver-based Studio B’s other award-winning shows include Yvon of the Yukon, What About Mimi? and D’Myna Leagues. The company’s international co-productions include Something Else and Yakkity Yak, which air on Nicktoons U.S. and TELETOON. In addition to a full slate of service work, Studio B is also in production 26 x 22 episodes of Class of the Titans for TELETOON.

Visit for more information on the company and check out the February issue of Animation Magazine for a feature article on Being Ian.