South Park Kicks Off Season Eight

Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny go anime as Comedy Central launches the eighth season of the hit series South Park tonight (Wednesday, March 17). Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s crudely animated social satire debuted in 1997 and has remained the cable network’s top-rated show.

In this week’s episode, the boys are transformed into anime-style Japanese warriors after they buy martial arts weapons at a local flea market. Highly stylized battle ensues as the foul-mouthed youngsters cross paths with their sworn enemy, Professor Chaos.

The series, which spawned a theatrical feature with 1999’s South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, counts among its fans legendary television producer Norman Lear (All in the Family), who co-wrote some of last season’s episodes.

South Park is being packaged for syndication on network television, which will involve quite a bit of cutting due to the show’s edgy, adult content and the crackdown on media indecency instigated by the Janet Jackson breast incident.