Sonic X Dashes to India’s Hungama TV

Hungama TV, India’s first 24-hour kids programming outlet, is adding the hit animated series Sonic X to its lineup. The action/adventure series, based on the hugely successful SEGA video game franchise, will debut on May 2 during the channel’s prime 4 p.m.-6 p.m. block.

Sonic X finds our hedgehog hero battling against the mad Dr. Eggman, who is creating evil robots for his plan to build his own empire. When Sonic, his buddies and the Eggman gang are all sucked into a warp, Sonic finds a new friend in a young boy named Christopher.

Hungaman also plans to introduce the animated series Doraemon and Pororo in the near future. The vintage Doraemon show is based on Hiroshi Fujimoto’s manga series about a robotic cat who is sent back in time to help a weak and lazy boy make something of himself so his ancesters can prosper. The CG-animated Pororo, animated by OCON in Seoul, Korea, follows the adventures of a curious penguin.

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