Simpsons Cast Strikes South of Border

Contract negotiations may have sent the voice cast from Fox’s The Simpsons back into the studio last year, but south of the border, it’s another story. Daily Variety reports that the four main voice actors behind the Latin American version, Los Simpson, have been on strike since October. ¡Aye Caramba!

Rather than demanding more money, as was the case in the states, the Mexican cast has stopped working over a union dispute. They are represented by The National Actors Assn. (ANDA), which is upset with a change in policy that allows non-union actors to work for Grabaciones y Doblajes Internacionales (GDI), the company that dubs the show in Spanish.

GDI has threatened to recast the roles of Bart, Marge, Lisa and Homer, which would be no easier than replacing English-language players Nancy Cartwright, Julie Kavner, Yeardley Smith and Dan Castellaneta. Like them, the Mexican cast has been giving voice to the hugely popular characters for the show’s entire 15-year run. But while the U.S. cast earns $250,000 an episode, their Latin counterparts only take home $17 to $52 per installment, according to the trade.

The case will go before a Mexican labor court next week. Distributor Twentieth Century Fox has decided to let ANDA and GDI work the matter out. ANDA says it also wants to protect the rights of actors working on other animated shows dubbed at GDI.