Showtime Supports More Episodes of ‘Cartoon President’

Our Cartoon President
Our Cartoon President

Stephen Colbert’s animated take on the Donald Trump presidency has been granted seven more episodes from Showtime. The new episodes will debut on the cabler this summer. The show will serve up the last of its initial 10-episode run on Sunday, April 8, at 8 p.m.

Colbert and Chris Licht’s series Our Cartoon President debuted on Showtime last month and delivered 2 million viewers per week. The toon follows Trump’s day-to-day misadventures in in a parallel cartoon universe.

The show’s voice cast includes Jeff Bergman as Donald Trump, Cody Lindquist as Melania Trump and John Viener as Mike Pence. The CBS TV-produced show is exec produced by R. J. Fried. Tim Luecke is the lead animator and co-exec producer.

Here is a sample:

Our Cartoon President

Our Cartoon President

  • Balor

    It’s amazing the garbage people will consume as long as you put an anti-Trump spin on it.

  • Tigercat919

    The biggest problem with this show is that it is extremely easy for the humor to become dated. Some of the stuff they touch upon on this show entails things that literally just happened in the last few days! And considering how fast the American news cycle goes, it will be incredibly easy to forget about this stuff.

    That’s My Bush did this stuff better; it was more of a parody of sitcoms to begin with. (then again, that might be a reason why it was so short-lived)