ShoPro Ent. Shops new Props. At NATPE

ShoPro Ent. (formerly ShoPro USA), hopes to follow its success in bringing Hamtaro and Inuyasha to North and South American audiences with the new children’s anime properties Mirmo Zibang! and MegaMan Battle Network. The company will bring both series to NATPE next week.

Based on a popular videogame series from CAPCOM, MegaMan Battle Network takes place in a future world where humans interface with a central computer system personal “NetNavis.” The central character is a fifth-grader named Lan, whose NetNavi and alter ego is a blue-suited, virus fighting cyber superhero named MegaMan.

Mirmo Zibang!, already a hit in Japan, follows the adventures of a fairy prince who stumbles into the human world to take residence at the bottom of a hot chocolate mug. When eighth grader Katie pours hot chocolate into the mug, Mirmo appears like a genie to fulfill her every wish. The relationship is threatened by other fairies, called muglox, who are sent to return Mirmo to muglox land.

ShoPro Ent. is a subsidiary of Shogakukan Inc., one of Japan’s largest publishing companies.