SCI FI Scores with CG Critters

SCI FI Channel enjoyed its highest rated second quarter ever, thanks in part to a host of computer-generated creatures. According to the cabler, primetime ratings are up 11% over the same quarter last year, and largely attributes the 1.0 household rating to the slate of original creature features in its Saturday Action Movies series.

SCI FI ended the quarter with 1.1 million viewers and ranked in the top 10 among all measured basic cable networks in key demographics. Among the big ratings grabbers were Roger Corman’s Dinocroc, the giant snake-fest Boa vs. Python and the teens-vs.-aliens thriller Decoys. The original movies pulled in an average of 2.1 million viewers.

SCI FI says its original miniseries 5ive Days to Midnight, a time-bending mystery thriller starring Timothy Hutton, kept a total audience of 8.979 million viewers at the edge of their seats over four consecutive nights. The premiere telecasts averaged a 1.42 household rating, showing significant increases in key ratings demos.

A network of NBC Universal, SCI FI Channel Launched in 1992 and is currently in 83 million homes.