SCI-FI Orders More Dr. Who

Daily Variety reports that SCI-FI Channel has picked up a second season of Doctor Who, the vfx-heavy update of the classic British science fiction series. Licensed from BBC Worldwide Americas, the new installments will begin airing next month with a two-hour premiere that introduces a new actor in the title role.

David Tennent, who appeared as Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, became the tenth actor to play Dr. Who in the second season of the latest incarnation, which originally aired on BBC. Tennent took over the role from Christopher Eccleston, who played the good doc last season.

SCI-FI attracted an average of 1.5 million viewers a week with the first season of Doctor Who and hopes to keep that momentum going with another round of eccentric, time-traveling adventures. The network is also gearing up to launch a third season of its successful Battlestar Galactica redux, which it plans to give a huge promotional push.

Doctor Who fans can also look forward to an animated project coming to DVD this November. BBC Interactive Drama and Entertainment tapped U.K. toon house Cosgrove Hall to recreate two lost episodes from the 1968 Cyberman story thread titled ‘The Invasion.’ Lead actor Patrick Troughton and the rest of the cast were animated in black and white using the original soundtracks. BBC was inspired to fill in the missing gaps by the popularity of the new Doctor Who series. The animated installments will be released with live-action Invasion episodes in November. A sneak preview can be downloaded at