Sci Fi Greenlights Prehistoric Pilot

Sci Fi Channel has eyes on all things Jurassic . After over three years in development, the niche cabler has given the greenlight to Anonymous Rex, a two-hour back door pilot based on the book series authored by Eric Garcia.

According to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the channel has also ordered an additional two scripts for the potential series. Julian Jarrold will direct the Joe Menosky-penned pilot.

Garcia’s novels revolve around the often-comic adventures of Vincent Rubio, a high-tech private investigator who, along with hundreds of others on earth, are actually dinosaurs. The central conceit of the series is that dinos never went extinct, but still exist on the planet as six-foot versions of their former selves and in the guise of humans.

“It feels like this is the time for this concept to come to fruition,” says Mark Stern executive VP of Sci Fi’s original programming. “The technology is really in the right place, and we can execute the dinosaurs and the fantasy elements in the right way for the money.”

In the past few months, producers have been working overtime to develop the show’s look which will involve CG animation as well as some prosthetic and animatronic effects.