‘Rusty Rivets’ Launches on Nick Aug. 22


An inventive new animated preschool series will be joining the Nickelodeon lineup when Rusty Rivets premieres on the network Monday, August 22 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. Produced by Spin Master Entertainment (PAW Patrol). The 26 x half-hour series will bow after an all-new primetime PAW Patrol special, “All-Star Pups,” at 7 p.m.

Rusty Rivets follows 10-year-old Rusty — a resourceful, tech-savvy hero who with his best bud Ruby invents his way out of every jam by imaginatively repurposing spare parts and found objects into the wildest, coolest contraptions evers. The series encourages kids to use their imaginations to design and create gadgets and inventions, promoting creative problem solving, innovation and engineering.

In the series premiere, “Rusty’s Rex Rescue/Rusty’s Park N’ Fly,” Rusty’s friend Liam gets stranded on top of a tall stack of junk in Rusty’s Recycling Yard. Rusty and Ruby come to the rescue with a Jurassic rescue robot who ultimately becomes their trusty friend, Botasaur. Then, Rusty and friends must find a safe way to bring Mr. Higgins’ remote control plane down safely when it can’t land. They use Crush, a robot clamp, as a daredevil rescue pilot to save the plane.

On select digital platforms, Nickelodeon will roll out full-length episodes of Rusty Rivets ahead of their linear premiere. NickJr.com will also launch two online games inspired by the show: “Penguin Problem,” in which players run through the Recycling Yard to retrieve escaped penguins and build creative tools to transport them to safety; and “Combine It and Design It,” which offers four different machine models for players to design and build with Rusty.

Episodes launch on the Nick Jr. App, NickJr.com and Nick VOD platform beginning Monday, June 20.

Rusty Rivets

Rusty Rivets

  • Outdoor1894

    The problem is, Rusty Rivets DID NOT AIR on Nick Jr, and there are no more ads on Nick or Nick Jr AT ALL. Anyone know why?

    • Evelyn Walsh

      I think I read somewhere that the network decided not to air the show in favor of another show, I think it was something to do with a sparkle pony? I have 2 young grandsons so I’m not sure about the little girls shows that are out.

    • Kelly

      I know!! My 2 year LOVED the “sneak peak” and now it’s no where to be found. What gives man?!