‘Robot Chicken’ Duo Opens New Toon Shop


Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, creators and exec producers of Adult Swim’s popular Robot Chicken series, have launched their own stop-motion animation studio with Buddy System’s John Haratine IV and Eric Towner. Deadline.com reports that the new outfit, which is called Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, will produce the animation for the upcoming sixth season of Robot Chicken, and the show’s tribute to the DC Comics Universe.

Los Angeles studio ShadowMachine Films, which had been co-producing Robot Chicken with Green and Senreich’s  Stoopid Monkey, will no longer work on the show. Robot Chicken’s 100th episode will air on January 15 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block.

Stoopid Monkey and Buddy Systems’ first venture was the YouTube live-action/stop-motion show, Stoopid Monkey. Previously Towner and Harvatine were animators on the second and third seasons of Robot Chicken before leaving to found stop-motion production company Buddy System Studio in 2007.

Matthew Senreich (left) and Seth Green

Matthew Senreich (left) and Seth Green

Green and Senreich, who have done several popular Star Wars-themed Robot Chicken specials are also consultants on Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated Star Wars comedy series. The busy duo also produce the online reality show www.ControlTV.com and serve as executive producers on Adult Swim’s Titan Maximum.

  • Nosgoth1979

    I’m excited to see what those two talented guys can start pulling off with their own production company. Robot Chicken has been a favorite of mine since I saw their first Star Wars parody. Unfortunately I never have much time to sit down and watch it lately though, now that my schedule has gotten all crazy because of the holidays. Fortunately I’ve still been able to sneak in some Robot Chicken by watching it on dishonline(dot)com. which is a really cool streaming site set up by my employer, DISH Network. It has a ton of content on it, and a lot of it is even available to non-subscribers so it’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to check out. You have any theories on how the new company will affect Robot Chicken?