RAI Greenlights Third Season of ‘Amita’


Italian animation studio Làstrego & Testa Multimedia has signed a co-production agreement with RAI Fiction for the third season of the series Amita of the Jungle, consisting of 26 seven-minute episodes. The first season of the show premiered on RAI in 2009.

Targeting four to seven-year-olds, Amita of the Jungle centers on the adventures of a young girl who lives in a magical world in which humans and animals speak to each other. Amita is described as a modern figure which connects ancient storytelling to a contemporary world, carrying positive messages of empathy, altruism and cooperation. The show incorporates classic Eastern proverbs to accentuate each episode’s message.

The High-def animated series is produced using digital techniques, but the characters are hand-painted to obtain a lush look close to traditional illustration.

Amita of the Jungle

Amita of the Jungle