Rai Fiction Unveils A New Season of Toons

French fantasy author Jules Vernes and Greek hero Ulysses take center stage in two of the new animated series unveiled by Rai Fiction at Italian festival Cartoons on the Bay this past weekend. At a well-attended press event in Rapallo, Rai Fiction and animation manager Luca Milano shared some of the details of the new slate attendees.

Co-produced with Lux Vide and produced by Musicartoon, The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne is a great-looking 26 x 26 series which imagines a fantasy life for the French author as a young boy. Ulysses, My Name is Nobody follows the life of the popular Greek hero as well as other familiar characters such as Calypso, Nausicaa and other mythological favorites. Directed by Giuseppe Maurizio Lagan’, the series has also added two younger characters to engage the target audience of 5 to 12 year olds. Both Jules Vernes and Ulysses will premiere on Rai Due.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne

Rai Tre is also bringing back a second season (26 episodes) of its CG-animated preschool shows Ripples, which is produced by Rai Fiction and Genoa-based studio Animabit. Ripples the fish, Jason the crab, Polly the octopus and Icarus the Pelican discover new places and learn new songs in this Mediterranean-set cartoon.

Other offerings include PopPixie, a spin-off of Rainbow Media’s Winx Club, created by Iginior Straffi and Spike Team, a new toon created by volleyball champ Andrea Lucchetta about six talented athletes with special powers. The innovative preschool series Art with Mati and Dada, is another anticipated title, which introduces young viewers to the world of artists such as Van Gogh and Kandinsky.

To learn more about the Italian company’s animated slate, visit www.cartoonsraifiction.rai.it